Womens Vintage

Real Vintage from 1910-1989

Each piece is chosen for it’s style, quality, cut and shape.
The quality of the fabric and design in each piece is paramount.
Owner of Bohemian Retro -Rebecca- is an award winning textile designer- studying in the UK for 5 years to post graduate level …she ensures quality and style are represented in every piece in the shop by endlessly sifting through hundreds of garments and hand picking the finest examples possible.

Below are examples of previous and current stock. We cannot guarantee the availability of any pictured items!

Our stock changes very often.

Come and visit Bohemian Retro in Prague to get the newest treasures!

The Vintage stock is sourced in the Czech Republic. We are actively seeking items which are made in Czechoslovakia (Bohemia) or items which have been hand made between 1900 and 1989. In the post war years under Communism people had less clothing available to buy so many people knew how to sew and how to copy and recreate clothing they saw in western magazines. Generally Maminka (Mum) or Babicka (Granny) would make excellent , beautifully made, fully lined copies of designer clothing! These pieces are very well made because no-one wanted their prom dress to look “home-made” of course. I’ve even found a sports top where the puma had been embroidered on by Granny I presume to make it look like the Puma brand which was not generally available in Czechoslovakia – or was very difficult and expensive to come by. We love the beautiful items…all of which have their own special history and which were available here in the stunning city of Prague and our beautiful Bohemia and Moravia over the last century.

We stock blouses, skirts, jackets, trousers, dresses, under slips, corsets, hats, coats, gloves, shoes, bags.. and probably much more I’ve forgotten to mention…

We currently have a large selection of Ladies coats- from 1980’s faux fur to 1950’s Satin House coats,  1970’s Rain coats to 1960’s leopard skin (faux)

We also have ball gowns..

All clothing is checked for condition, then cleaned and steamed before going on sale.We occasionally repair small amounts of damage (lost buttons etc.) but prefer to leave to garments in as close to original condition as possible.

We strive to have a wide selection of sizes available. Currently we have from UK 6 – 20 We update our stock regularly.

Hand made Lace gloves are the perfect accessory.. whether you want the “Downton Abbey ” look or SteamPunk..or just fabulous elegance..We have many pairs in various sizes.

Lace gloves all 200kc