Original Czech ( Czechoslovakian ) Soviet & Eastern European Art, Antiques & Collectibles… and more. If it’s beautiful, unusual, interesting, fun, cool and collectible we love it. We love vintage lighting, clocks, lamps, ceramics, perfume bottles, unusual shaving kits and beauty accessories , 1970’s glass and older, Vintage ashtrays and smoking accessories, Retro & atomic glass/bar ware, bottle openers, corkscrews,Vintage sewing items, wooden & metal boxes, 1950’s tea sets, Old radios, vintage kitch sports items, Vintage casino items, Russian Silver plate/enamel salt cellars …and much more!

.Czechoslovakian Skateboard.
Made in Prague 1970’s. Custom paint job. These were the only skateboards regularly available in CZ during the 70’s… to have a foreign imported board was very difficult. According to our expert friend Mira at FINAL SKATEBOARDS they weren’t the best board in the World – but everyone wanted one. Apparently they cost 250kc new (in the 70’s)- which was VERY expensive in those times…We love this fabulous piece of Czechoslovakian skateboard history!

Bohemian Czechoslovakian teacups.

We just love these gorgeous teacups and tea sets in many colors and styles ..available in Bohemian Retro

Bohemia is famous for its beautiful and colorful glass.
The history of Bohemian glass started with the abundant natural resources found in the countryside. Bohemian glassworkers discovered potash combined with chalk created a clear colorless glass that was more stable than glass from Italy.

Below are some examples of Current and previous items from the Bohemian Retro Collection