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A Huge THANK YOU to all our wonderful, amazing, beautiful customrs from all around the World.. It is always an absolute peasure to meet you and help you find the PERFECT VINTAGE TREASURE . We appreciate you all more than we can say.. as a small family business it’s been tough ..but we are still here THANKS TO OUR CUSTOMERS…! We hope to see you soon x

TimeOut votes Bohemian Retro # 8 best places to go shopping in Prague ! ” Prefer your second-hand shopping more curated than chaotic? Head to Bohemian Retro in the Žižkov neighbourhood. Rebecca, the British owner, will help guide you around as you browse racks of vintage men’s and women’s clothing and jewellery.”

Check out the many photos and more of the new interior and how Bohemian Retro looks today.


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100% of our stock , displays and packaging are recycled!
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theculturetrip.com “Run by a British fashion and textile designer, Bohemian Retro has everything you want in a vintage store: a fun and knowledgeable owner, affordable prices, and all the quirk, boldness, and variety you might ever want in your dresses, hats, and blouses. Look closely to discover the little treasures among the many clothing racks—here, purses line the walls, and brooches, hats, and sunglasses pop up from shelves and baskets. “

Review on Yelp by Belinda F.… “I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this place. Not only is it a TRUE vintage shop – with real awesome collectables and not just a bunch of junk thrown around – but the owner is WONDERFUL.She is incredibly stylish and sweet and warm. When you walk in, it’s not just shopping – it’s therapy. If you want to be cheered up, feel welcomed, find something unique and totally in your price range, and walk out feeling better than you did when you arrived – then definitely come here and visit Becky. In fact I don’t even know why I’m raving about this place because it just means you might go and buy something that I’ve been eyeing .. But there are always some surprises waiting so be sure to visit and take a look!!..”

Bohemian Retro recommended by The New York Times “36 Hours in Prague” & The Irish Times! “During the week, you can sift through Bohemian Retro’s impressive collection of men’s and women’s vintage clothing, mostly from the former Czechoslovakia”

Times of India “One of Prague’s best vintage shops, Bohemian Retro stocks anything from 1980s kaftans to 1940s salt cellars. A treasure chest of bygone clobber, Žižkov’s Bohemian Retro is packed from floor to ceiling with clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery and miscellaneous collectibles. The initial effect of so many goodies packed into a small shop can be a bit overwhelming, but there are some great items here once your eyes adjust. Stocking clothes made between the 1930s and the 1980s, perhaps Bohemian Retro’s main draw for visitors is its interesting collection of Czech 1950s and 60s clothing. Women’s bags are also a star feature, always with some chic pieces in its revolving collection of around 40. “

Also featured on Radio Prague “Prague’s Žižkov district is where you’ll find Bohemian Retro a vintage clothing store packed with hard-to-find items mainly from pre-1989 Czechoslovakia. The cosy, colourful shop is run by Rebecca Eastwood, an expat Brit and part-time singer who has been resident here since the early 1990s. When I stopped by at Bohemian Retro the other day,I began by asking Eastwood what had brought her to this part of the world in the first place…..”

   In the Prague monitor .. “Maybe the best-curated vintage in the city is Bohemian Retro in Zizkov. The clothes are mostly sourced locally with a few imported and recycled pieces.Most notable is the selection of pins, jewelry and other accessories, unrivaled in Prague.It is impossible to leave the jam-packed space without a perfect piece or three.The store has a wide selection of vintage lingerie and dresses,in styles from peasant blouses to gold lame dresses.”

“Die-hard vintage fans must make the trip to Žižkov’s Bohemian Retro.” “Spend an hour in the store and I defy you to fail to find the
ultimate key piece that guarantees you’ll stand out from the fashion herd this summer.” Expats.cz

pragueoffthemap.com The highlight of the store are those pieces the shop owner reworks calling “post-apocalyptic couture.” The biggest mistake you could make at Bohemian Retro – simply not spending enough time rummaging through all of the vintage gems.

Greenglasses.cz “Becki, a textile technologist by training, also sells her own collection of dresses made from vintage lace. The shopping bags you’ll take your goods home in are also sewed by her using upcycled fabrics from old clothes.

Have a read of our Tripadvisor reviews
“The shop has a huge selection of clothing and things with affordable prices. Even the bag our items were put into was hand crafted from recycled shirt by the owner.
Definetly worth a visit!

Visited here today to pick up some vintage gear.
They opened especially by appointment and the owner was terrific.
Great selection of clothes and bags- 
a visit here is a must in a really funky part of Prague.

“Lovely shop with great selection and good service”

“Bohemian Retro” by ricicles… “A treasure cave of vintage wonders!– Be careful, there is so much to look at you, you could be there for hours! Not that that would be a problem with the super friendly owner (English speaker) and retro music.”

Bohemian Retro recommended in –global blue Vintage style city guide
“Veer off the beaten path to Bohemian Retro, a hidden gem in Prague’s trendy Žižkov neighbourhood, an area worth visiting for its numerous pubs, cafés and edgy shops. Owned by British musician Rebecca Eastwood, Bohemian Retro is packed with styles from days gone by and specialises in vintage sunglasses. High-voltage PVC bags and vintage men’s silk ties are among the many offbeat finds here.”

Toto není second-hand, toto je vintage obchod! Pokud chcete ušetřit, jelikož nemáte na oblečení z mainstreem obchodů, pravděpodobně nepochodíte… Narazíte tu na šaty, které jsou opravdu retro, tedy starší než vy sami. Určitě doporučuji a sama se opět vrátím. Lenka K. Prague

MF DNES….”O retro veci je zájem, tak je prodávám, ríká Anglicanka žijící v Praze Zájem o vintage shopping – nakupování vecí, které jsou starší dvaceti let – je ve svete velký zájem. Jeden takový obchod provozuje v Praze na Žižkove i Rebecca Eastwoodová, Anglicanka, která už v Cesku žije 19 let.

BOHEMIAN RETRO AND Be.X, IN UK VOGUE! NOV 2016 ! ” A magical shop” “One of the highlights is the Be. X . collection” Picture 8– Vintage Lace dress by R.Eastwood

“Les Tchèques raffolent des magasins de seconde main et des boutiques vintage. Bohemian Retro est un magasin de seconde main situé dans le quartier de Žižkov. On y trouve un beau choix de vêtements : pullsjeansrobeschemises et vestes. Belle sélection d’accessoires également comme les chapkas et les lunettes rétro. Le tout à prix imbattables. Adresse : Chvalova 8. “

“This place is a breath of fresh air for me. Coming from San Francisco, which is a haven of great vintage and retro stores, I am not easily impressed when it comes to vintage places. Bohemian Retro Vintage is definitely an exception to the rule. Nestled on the border of Vinohrady and Zizkov, it is treasure trove of goodies. From the selection of handbags, to the wall of bling, to the amount of men’s hats, you are bound to find something to suit your needs.Becky, (pictured here) the owner, is also a gem.


Her extensive knowledge of not only textiles but also how clothes work on each person means she will inevitably find you something you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Seriously, go here for something that will set you apart from the crowd and let your inner fashionista shine. You won’t be disappointed.” Yelp review by Gillie B…Thanks!

stylewithoutlimits..cz ” I think I discovered a new favorite shop.The owner is an absolutely amazing lady and she sells the most amazing clothes. I always have a thing for vintage clothes because it has a charm in it. It is different and it tells a story. And so does the whole shop. If you ever visit Prague you should definitely visit it.

Recommended in Steden Man travel guide….. “Zizkov is een buurt in opkomst in Praag en dat zie je aan de winkeltjes in deze wijk. Loop vooral binnen bij Bohemian Retro Vintage, boordevol hebbedingetje van tassen en schoenen tot vintage kanten jurken. Een boetiek om je vingers bij af te likken. De hele collectie is zeer vriendelijk geprijsd. Ben je in Praag en ben je een retro- en vintagefan dan is een bezoekje aan Bohemian Retro een must!

ZiZkov-about our area.

We absolutely Love ZiZkov!

To go on a little driving tour  with Bohemian Retro owner Rebecca around our neighborhood  and showing you other great local businesses and restaurants etc close to the shop …..click on the below videos!c

Video in 360 so don’t forget to look around and enjoy the fabulous buildings!

Bohemian Retro has been based in Zizkov for over 10 years now.

Check out this 360 Video from Zizkov  …including of Bohemian Retro !

Check out THIS Video.(…filmed by David Biskup for his Vlog )  to see the journey from Nam. Jiriho Z Podebrad..the closest metro stop in Zizkov.. to Bohemian Retro Via the TV tower which looks like a space rocket and the beating heart of Zizkov culture “Palac Akropolis”

It’s a vibrant fun and beautiful neighborhood full of restaurants, bars, cafes parks and independent shops run by locals.

Relatively tourist bustle free yet very foreigner friendly this is a neighborhood full of beautiful and interesting Bohemian folk from all around the world living together very happily!

Every year we have a  “MasoPust ” (Mardi Gras) parade in the streets of Zizkov ..check out this great footage of the event from Feb 14th 2018.

Here we will give away some local secrets via our YOUTUBE Channel…not all of them .. because ZiZkov is PACKED with little hidden fabulous places and it would take us forever to know them all!!

Styling & Fashion shows by Rebecca

“Elegant rebel”….

British Designer & Stylist Rebecca Eastwood has worked with professional photographers, models and bands to create the special “look” for over 20 years now.…as well as providing Vintage Bohemian clothing and accessories for photo shoots.

An award winning designer educated to post graduate level in the UK Rebecca has developed a style which leads rather than follows fashion.

Specializing in Bohemian Vintage, Retro Punk, Rock star , Vintage Pin Up, Steam Punk ,Classic Bohemian…. Rebecca has previously produced numerous fashion shows and is working on her next.

Prague City Roller Derby Team Starring in Bohemian Retro Fashion Show

Their Roller Derby team colours are pink and blue…so we put together a fashion show…with the ladies on roller skates on the cobbled Streets of Zizkov (they are brave!) wearing outfits from the Bohemian Retro collection.

It was a fabulous show! Thanks again to the models!

Rebecca has over 20 years of professional experience in the fashion/textile industry as well as working with  musicians, models and actors.

Do you need a stylist.. professional, knowledgeable and pleasant?

call +420 607 914 992