Vintage Bags

“A bag from Bohemian Retro screams Individuality with the Perfect Subtlety of a Vintage Style Queen”

Vintage bags are becoming more and more popular-especially in the fashion community of the Worlds biggest cities-London, Berlin, NYC where Vintage is HUGE (according to the International Vintage fans who drop by on their travels)….We have probably over 100 bags currently in stock. From 1940’s suede  to 60’s bright green vinyl.. we have a huge selection of bags in excellent condition.

1970’s Vintage Czech universal sports bag by Czech sports shoe company Botas  Dark blue sports bag with the white Vintage  BOTAS logo (logo dating from 1964)  and Exico logo on the other side. The bag is produced from a resistant and strong synthetic material /vinyl with metal zip fasteners and hardware.
Size 42 x 31 x 16 cm.  Short handle and long Strap ( 87cm long)  Weight 930g 
Price 60 euro

1960’s Vintage Brown Bag . Medium length adjustable handle 18x27x6cm handle adjustable max 62cm .

Green Vinyl Vanity With Green and Blue Striped Cotton Lining. Slight problem with inner case. 24 X  16.5 X 17.5 high
44 euro

Small Natural Leather Vintage Bag.
Long Handle. Beautiful condition 15cm x10cm x7cm. Handle 125cm. CCA 1970’s
30 euro

Beautiful patina natural leather simple Czech bag pocket inside
16×24-20(width max-min) x 5cm handle-adjustable max 95cm 70 euro

Very Deep Burgundy Leather Bag 1930’s/40’s with brass colored closure and details. The interior is lined with purple satin and is in good condition for its age. Slightly damaged on the bottom. (see photos) 21 cm X 25 cm at widest point and 5 cm thick. handle 34 cm
56 euro

Black Square Handled Vanity Case 29 X 21.5 X 18 high
32 euro

Khaki Canvas School Bag 1970’s ..used by most people in 60’s-80’s Czechoslovakia. 2 sections. Metal zips, off white vinyl trim. Long handle (faux leather).
22cm x18cm x 8cm handle max 116cm
20 euro  

Larger, beautifully soft leather bag  in 2 shades of brown patchwork with small brass colored studs. Long handle , zip closure. Synthetic Interior  42cm x 30 x 8cm handle 100cm non adjustable
30 euro

Black /Silver Beautiful Bohemian Hand Beaded Bag, Short chain handle. Chrome closure. Satin lining in perfect condition.
15×14(at widest) x5cm Handle 24cm 1970’s

95 euro

Rose Gold Lurex /Diamante Small “Prom Purse/Bag” in rose gold sparkly lurex. Beautiful diamante detail at the closure.
19cm x 14cm x 4cm 1970’s
48 euro

Brown Natural Leather Bag With Metal Clasp and Original Patina unrestored 1930’s/40’s Interior has seen better days.24 cm X 28 at widest X 6 handle 36 cm

28 euro

Short Handle Black Pleated Leather Bag With Ribbed Bottom from the 1930’s/40’s Interior in good condition. H 16 cm X 25 X 9 handle 36 cm 
32 euro

Black Vinyl Vanity Case 1960’s with yellow satin interior (records not included) 30 X 20 X 18 high
32 euro

Black/off white Leather Large short handled bag with matching wallet. Pale blue satin lining. Slight stains in base of lining otherwise good condition. Exterior stitched detail
26×35(at widest) x4cm Handle 41cm
1960s 38 euro

Black/White Large Vinyl tote . Zip fastner, textile lining. Goldish coloured chain handle. Interwoven with vinyl.
23x37x7cm Handle 97cm
1980s 16 euro

Beautiful Vintage Patina  natural leather simple Czech handbag Adjustable handle . Canvas lining details 2 compartments /zip pocket .
20x25x10cm handle adjustable max 104cm 48 euro

We consistently have many unique vintage bags in our selection in the shop.To truly appreciate the quality of these beautiful bags- imagine they have already existed for 40 years……and look better today than when first bought.