Be. X Reworked Vintage

100% recycled Collections Of Vintage Lace Clothing , Deconstructed Post-Apocalyptic Couture &  Customized Vintage Re-Works

by Rebecca Eastwood.

Numerous pieces from the Be.x. Collection have been worn to the Burning Man Festival and on stage by various international musicians.

Photos of the collection have been in UK Vogue. among others and Bohemian Retro with the collection has been in international media , newspapers and television from Russian MTV to Japanese TV  and Swedish Breakfast TV.

Bohemian Retro/Be.X. Fashion Show . Jested. Liberec 2010

Each Hand Made piece is 100% unique and 100% Recycled. Vintage Lace, Vintage Costume Jewelry ,Vintage Clothing, Vintage fabrics , Vintage Buttons, hardware, found items ,spray paint, acrylics, (and much more) are used to create the collection.

“Each item in the Lace collection is designed around a specific piece of Vintage Lace fabric . I love the challenge of making clothing from these precious and delicate fabrics from the past – the quality is far beyond what we can find easily today and the hand crafted lace is stunning.” -Rebecca

Items pictured here are from current and previous collections.
Available only  at Bohemian Retro.

About the lace pieces…..Handmade Bohemian Vintage Lace from 1900-1960 is used to create beautiful unique pieces of clothing. Each piece of lace is carefully selected and then hand stitched by Rebecca using her many years of design experience to create the perfect garment from each piece of fabric. The piece are left as complete as possible to preserve the original piece of fabric

Be.X. 2020 XcolleXion new in stock NOW!

Each piece is a one-off and each collection is Limited. Below are custom Leather Jackets and cotton shirts.

Unique Vintage Tops made from Re-worked scarves.

Be.X. De-construction collection

About the customization….Rebecca uses multi mix media ,acrylics, spray paint, safety pins, found objects , Bohemian Buttons ( basically anything is possible!) and recycled fabric to create each unique piece by hand.

A Collection Of Bohemian Folk Punk  inspired clothing and jewelry made with Vintage components.
Some pieces are hand embroidered vintage linen…others are light silk shift dresses with lace patch pockets and trim or heavily pleated wraparound full skirts made from vintage fabric from 1940-1980

By Rebecca Eastwood.

A Collection Of Graffiti covered Vintage Re-Works

By Rebecca Eastwood.

Inspiration taken from the walls of ZiZkov where graffiti,stencils and scraped away plaster add another dimension to the personality of our neighbourhood. Better the spray paint be on a handbag than on a gorgeous old building…

“The Queen” stencil used with permission from Damien Mitchell.. an amazing graffiti artist and also the artist who painted the shutter of our shop!. more info